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What kind of conditions or diseases can be treated homeopathically?

​A variety of diseases can be treated effectively , based on the level of health of the individual.  A patient is either curable or incurable irrespective of the disease they have been diagnosed with. To say all cases of psoriasis or arthritis can be cured would be foolish. If your level of health is such that treatment can be effective it would not matter if you had a common cold, diabetes , severe arthritis , autism or even cancer. In certain cases however (where the degree of pathological changes at tissue level is great) only palliative treatment is possible.


How does a Homeopath choose a particular remedy for a person?

A homeopath asks lots of questions on each of the symptom presented by the patient with a series of other questions and then chooses ONE remedy that targets the immune system. If this remedy is selected correctly and given in the right potency then it brings about a complete cure of all the symptoms. Sometimes,  a patient may have many complex layers and may need treatment with different remedies.

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